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It’s that time of year again!

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping (but still somehow in the 70s), and the year is winding down to a close.

That means it’s time to party it up on the strip and say goodbye to 2017!

After choosing what outfit to wear, who to go out with, when to go out, how to get there, where to eat, and where to party… Aren’t you tired of making choices?

We know you are. That’s why we’re serving you a five-course meal where you don’t have to make any more choices!

Okay… There is one choice between two entrees, but we promise that’s all you’ll have to do.  

All the dishes on our New Year’s Eve menu is served family style, so you can enjoy a little bit of everything.

Coming out first, you’ll find our AB Tuna Tacos with taro chips and avocado puree, and our Bao Buns with pork belly and ssamjang.

Next up is our Hirame Carpaccio with dried shallots and nanbanzu, and the Crispy Calamari with charred jalapeno mae ploy.

Third is the Hot Mess Roll with crab, sashimi poke, avocado, and screaming O sauce; the Crispy Pork Belly Roll with coleslaw; and our Protein Roll with tuna, salmon, hamachi, crab, shio, and asparagus.

Next comes the only option you’ll have to decide on: it’s between the Kobe Beef Short Ribs and the Grilled Scottish Salmon.

And of course, for dessert, you’ll get both our Coconut Rice Cake with vanilla ice cream and nuts, and our Hazelnut cake with vanilla anglaise and hazelnut ice cream.

Yum, yum, and more yum! We can’t wait to see you here on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas for this special dinner.

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